Bettina Polishes

Hey there and happy Friday!!!!!

I am so glad for this week to be over.  It's been a rough one.  Tonight I have a quick and easy post for you.  This one features the brand Bettina polishes.

I have heard TONS of good things about Bettina polishes, however they are hard to find.  I also heard that you can find these in some stores in Florida.  So, when I was on vacation I made sure to stop in to Walgreens to see if they had new stuff.  Wasn't expecting to find Bettina polishes, but I walked in and BAM there they were.  I think they were $2.99 and I bought three of them.  

The two I have on right now are Tulipani and Haze.  Tulipani is part of their Fiori collection is a deep deep pink, a rich berry color.  Haze is from their Nature collection and is a light lavender.  

I was NOT impressed with the formula on these.  They had been so hyped up I partially expected angels to sing once I opened the bottles.  Not so much.  They were thin, patchy and I needed three coats to get the look I have below.  I am pretty disappointed.  I used Basic Training base coat and Clearly On Top top coat, both from KBShimmer.  

All that being said, the wear time has been great.  I put these on three days ago and they are still holding strong.  I have a few teeny tiny chips, but other than that they are still good looking.  

Do you have any Bettina polishes? Are these just duds?
I don't know when I can get more, but I am open to trying more.  I mean I have one more to test out, but maybe I just picked the wrong colors.  

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  1. These two colors are pretty! Never tried this brand before but they look nice.