Bumblesoap Soap Box

Hi there!!!

I am here to show you my newest addiction. It's Bumblesoaps.  Bumblesoaps is a handmade artisan bath product company.  I had heard about this company a while back from a friend (Hi Anna! If you are reading this!) and while I had been looking at the site I never placed an order (things are changing regarding that as well!).  In my news feed one day I saw that they were going to be doing a subscription type box, and I knew I HAD to have it.  It was only $20 and $5 shipping and had 8 things in it (with three full sized items!). I bought one the day they were released and was stoked when it arrived in the mail.

Let's dig in! Be forewarned this is a long post!

Here is a picture of almost everything.  I didn't realize until I uploaded the pics that I was missing something in this shot.  It was the bag of cranberry yuzu luxury foaming bath salts.

Onto the specifics:

Here is the first full sized item, this is a soap in the scent Buttery Gingerbread.  First off let me say that I love the honeycomb and bee pattern on the soap.  The scent description from Bumblesoaps is "yummy spiced gingerbread with rich and creamy butter notes tiny hints of maple and nut with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg" .  I for sure smell the maple in it and cinnamon gingerbread.  The soap itself feels creamy and it lathers nice when washing.  The scent isn't overpowering on my hands after drying.  Very impressed.

The next full sized item was a bath truffle.  I thought this was so cute.  It looks just like, to me, a big fluffy lump of frosting/ice cream.  This is in the scent Frosted Snowdrops.  I haven't opened this so I haven't smelled it myself.  It is wrapped so well to protect it from moisture that I can't smell it.  The scent description from the site is "a very fresh and clean scent. Top notes of fresh ozone and dew, middle notes of jasmine, cassis and lime, with bottom notes of musk and sandalwood.  I have heard good things about these so I can't wait to use it!

Next is the Apple Butter Caramel Whipped Sugar Scrub sample.  This is a GENEROUS sample.  All of the samples are.  This stuff is amazing.  I scoop a little bit out of it and use it to wash my hands, after I rinse I just rub the oils into my hands.  Always have to keep them pretty.  Their scent description is: "notes of Macintosh apples, steamed milk, cane sugar, vanilla bean, fresh nutmeg, and creamy caramel".   I get the apple scent right up front and a sweet sugary smell mixed into it.  It's a lovely scent.

This, you guys..is THE BEST.  This thing is gone, empty, kaput.  I ran out.  Used it a llllllll up, yes already. This is the pumpkin cheesecake body butter.  It smelled exactly like that too.  You could smell that zing that cheesecake has.  I want more of it STAT.  The Bumblesoaps scent description is "a mouth watering blend of creamy pumpkin, subtle spices, vanilla and cream cheese with a hint of graham cracker crust".

I lumped the smaller things in one pic together.  From left to right is a mini roll on perfume in Snow Witch, a full sized Bee Sanitized in Sparkling Cider, and a sample of Hair and Body Mist in Little Black Dress.

The Snow With perfume is not me at all, it smells heavily of pine and I am not a pine fan.  I am swapping it with another Bumblesoaps fan so now I get to try something new. It is a generous sized sample considering it's a perfume.  They don't have a scent description listed, just that it was "a mystery fragrance to get you excited about the upcoming holiday season."

The Sparkling Cider sanitizer is great and non sticky.  I have mine on my desk at work.  Always have to keep your hands clean.  Their description is "a perfect fall scent beginning with warm red apples, harvest berries, juicy mandarin and cinnamon with bottom notes of amber and a light musk.  I know it smells good, but since I can't  sniff it right this second I can't get too specific.

The Little Black Dress Hair & Body Mist smells so good.  I have put a large dent in my sample already.  I have found that the scent stays with me for a long time.  Their description is super complicated "base notes of white carnation and blood orange intermingled with notes of sandalwood, black rose, smokey wood and a kiss of patchouli . Top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and nuances of vetiver, amber, and egyptian musk for a sexy finish".   I get a lot of complex rose scent from this.  It's deep and girly and wonderfully floral.

Last up is the product that missed out on the group shot.  This is the bag of Cranberry Yuzu Luxury Foaminf Bath Salts.  This is a generous sample. Haven't tried these yet but I am intrigued by the words foaming and salt in there.  Their scent description is "an upscale and erotic fusion of sparkling asian yuzu with juicy, red cranberries." I am not sure how to describe the scent so I will just go with theirs LOL

That's it for the Fall Soap Box from Bumblesoaps.  I am now officially addicted.   The prices are great, I have read that you get awesome samples in your order and the the turnaround time for shipping can't be beat.  I can't wait for the next box so I can try more stuff.

I am probably going to place an order today or tomorrow, would you be interested in reading about that???

Go...NOW and shop!!!   http://shop.bumblesoaps.com


  1. These all look a lot of fun! What a nice box. I've never heard of them too.

    1. They are going to do more boxes and I am working those into my budget for sure!

  2. Replies
    1. It smells so awesome! I have another order on it's way. I got some samplers so I can try a lot for just a little bit of money!