Bumblesoaps Haul

Happy Friday everyone!!!
I for one, am happy this week is over.  It's a long weekend too so that makes it even more awesome.  I have to work in the morning but it's only for four hours, so all is good.

Today I have another Bumblesoaps haul to show you.  (I have since gotten TWO more orders and I will share those soon!). This brand is amazing.  The products themselves are outstanding and the customer services is just as good.  The prices are fantastic and I love supporting a small business.

We all know that my first order was the fall box, I was so happy with that that I placed another order. This time I bought two of the sampler packs that are offered.  I bought the five pack of body butters and a variety sampler.  You can chose your scents your the body butter sampler, but I couldn't narrow it down so I told her to pick whatever as long as it wasn't pine.  The variety sampler gets you five items of her choosing.  There are other types of samplers as well,  I just happened to choose these two types.  If you want to see more just go here:  http://shop.bumblesoaps.com/Sampler-Sets-0000020.htm

I also ordered a couple bath truffles and a mini bath bomb to go along with them.  There was also a mini roll on perfume in a scent of my choosing because I am in a Facebook fan group for the company.   The bath truffles are only $2.50!!! The mini bath bombs are only $2!! How can you pass that up??!!??

She also threw in a couple samples of soap as well.  I love it when a company throws in samples.  I get to try things I wouldn't usually pick.

If you want to read any of the scent descriptions, just check this page out: http://www.bumblesoaps.com/scent-descriptions.html

Here is a better shot of some of the samples from my variety sampler.  The candy fluff body butter is GONE already.  I have used up the entire container.  Now I am sad.  It is so moisturizing.  Good thing I have lots of samples to use up.

The Fruit Loops bath truffle was the first thing I used.  I smelled exactly like a bowl of Fruit Loops by the time I got out of the bath.. The scent is a spot on dupe.  I am also impressed with the truffles.  The oils in these left my skin SO SOFT.  I ordered more!  I haven't used the bath bomb yet, but I will get around to using everything.

This is the perfume roll on, such a perfect size!

Ahhhh...my body butter sampler.  She picked out the perfect scents for me.  I was unsure of Sweet Strawberry but after a couple uses I was hooked.  Would buy in full size.  Same can be said for Bumbleberry.  My containers of those are completely gone.  Pumpkin Pie and Hawaiian Punch are also perfect names.  It is so surprising how much it really smells like Hawaiian Punch.  Blue Raspberry Slushie is super sweet smelling.

The shower jelly was surprisingly easy to use, I just tore off a chunk held it in my palm and scrubbed my bath pouf around it.  It foamed right up.  I got 4 or 5 showers out of it!  The Perfectly Pumpkin soap is a perfect combo of pumpkin, fall, and cinnamon without being too much.  I am using the cider one now and I like it, but not as much as that pumpkin one. 

Here is a close look at the whipped soap.. The smell of this is so amazing I bought some truffles and a bath bomb in this scent.  It's so fresh and citrusy.  

The texture is great and I feel moisturized after washing my hands.  I have even used it in the shower!

Here is a close up of a container of body butter in my hand so you can see the scale of it.  Plus the texture of the product.  It's nice and thick.  Absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

So there's another haul down!  Stay tuned for the others later.

Have you bought anything from Bumblesoaps?  
Do you have a favorite artisan soap store? If so link it below so I can check it out!


  1. Everything looks so good! Love the cute label on them too.

  2. Your posts temp me way too much! Off to check these beautys out!

  3. I loved everything in my sampler!!!!