Ipsy October 2014

Hi everyone!!!!

Happy Monday!!!  We had a nice and busy weekend, got right back in the groove of things today.  Hope your week started off good.  A bad Monday really just sets the week off on the wrong foot.  I am hoping for good Mondays for everyone.

I am making it my goal to review all my subscription boxes before the month ends.  I don't think I am going to make it, perhaps within the first week of the new month.  That may be more doable.  I have this one and two more.  I have my Wantable box and also my Birchbox.  I can do it!!!!

So let's just go ahead and get my Ipsy bag for October out of the way shall we?
For those who aren't aware, Ipsy is a subscription service that is $10 a month.  Each month you get a makeup bag with 4-5 deluxe sized and/or full sized items in it.  They are semi customizable and you can retake a quiz to try to alter the contents of your bag.

This months theme was Beauty Candy.  I never really see where the items in the bag match the theme, but that doesn't bother me one bit.  

I received 5 items in this months bag and I was very happy with it.

Here is a shot of all the products with the bag. The bag is a nice rectangular shape with a square quilted pattern. 

I received a tube of Rose Berry hand cream from the brand Figs & Rouge.  You could have gotten this scent or Mango Mandarin.  This one is a nice not too sweet floral scent.  I love hand creams so this is a win for me.   I also received a mini lipgloss from Starlooks.  This is in the shade Guilty Pleasure.  This color is perfect for me, completely wearable.  The size is actually nice as well, even if it is teeny tiny.  I never finish a gloss, so it's a winner for me.

SO pretty!

I also got a Skyn Iceland travel pack of their Glacial Cleansing Cloths.  It is a pack of 10 and I usually loves these things.  However, I have read so many reviews where people said their face felt awful after using them that I may pass on these.  I don't want burning skin!  I will post likely do a patch test and go from there.

I also got a nice sized sample of ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream for hair.  This is supposed to be an all over hair booster.  You know the type, it does like five million things at once.  I have used this a couple times and it is nice.  I still go back to my Agave oil, but I will use this too.

Last up is a full sized NYC mascara.  It's their newest formula called Big Bold Curl.  I have been using this for the past few days and I have to say that I am so impressed.  For a drugstore mascara it's pretty kick ass.  Not to mention it is one of the more affordable lines from the drugstore.  I have two tubes of this right now (keep an eye out for another NYC post!) and can see myself going through both of them. It really does make my eyelashes long and curled!

I would say that this months bag was another win for me.  However, I am easy to please.  As long as it's not a bog full of foil packets and perfume tubes I am a happy happy woman.

What did you get in your bag?


  1. Great products in this month's bag for you. I like the color on the makeup bag a lot.

  2. My October Glam Bag had completely different products from yours! Check it out here: http://sunshineproblems.com/ipsy-glambag-october-2014/
    xx Kayla