NYC New York Color Midnight Beauty Collection

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Hi everyone and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Let's all celebrate making it past the middle of the week. We are on the downward slide!!!!

Today I have a large part of the Midnight Beauty collection from NYC New York Color.  This is a dark vampy collection perfect for Halloween and these lovely cooler days.   I am honestly so impressed with all of these products.  It's a full range of super affordable products that you can find at your local drug store or mass merchandiser.  I generally see a lot of NYC New York Color stuff at my Rite Aid.

I have a little bit of everything to show you, so let's just dig in.

First up is the nail polishes.  There were four in total, three regular polishes and a top coat.  I have the regular polishes to show you. The polishes retail for $1.99.  The company says that these are infused with magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium to strengthen nails.

This is Animal Instict, a bright orange polish with amazing shimmer to it.  It doesn't translate well in pictures (it never does).  This is two coats topped with Glossy Glam.

This is I am not affRED, a gorgeous oxblood jelly polish.  It's so squishy looking!  I used two coats here also topped with Glossy Glam.

The last polish I got was Black Elixir, another jelly!  I love jelly polishes and I only needed two coats for this one as well.  The one thing I don't like about jellies is that you need more coats for opacity.

There are three lipsticks from the Expert Last Lip Color line in this collection and I have two of them.  These retail for $1.99. These seemed to have a nice faint sweet smell to them.

This is Immortal Vixen, a glossy black lipstick.  I am not sure when or where I would wear this but it is a nice formula.

The other shade I got was Dark Rebirth and it is AMAZING.  This is so on trend even for after Halloween.  It's a beautiful wine shade.  I have worn this one at work already.  

See!!! Look how pretty!!!!!

I also received one of two eyeshadow palettes.  The Individual Eyes Custom Compact retails for $4.99.  Let me just say now that if the rest of their eyeshadows are this good I am going to be buying more.  A lot more.  When I see new ones come out.

This is the Vampiress set and as you can see it is a mainly purple collection.  The two things on the right side are an eyeshadow base and an illuminator. I have used this at least five times by now and I just can't get over how well it looks and holds up.  At the end of the day my eyes still look like I just did them.  I am a convert.  Plus these shades are so pigmented and go on easily.  I am able to blend them with no issues.  I highly suggest picking this one up!

The eyeshadow base and illuminator

Swatches of the colors! See how pigmented they are!

The last thing I got (I mentioned this in my Ipsy post the other day) is a tube of the new Big Bold Curl mascara.  This retails for $4.99 and I also recommend getting this one as well.  This has a really fat curved brush on it and the formula is not too wet or dry.  It really does make my lashes long, they keep hitting my glasses!  Drives me bananas, in a good way.  I mean it's a good problem to have!

I am so happy that I have two tubes of this now because I can see this being a regular in my makeup bag.

That's it for my Midnight Beauty collection post and I hope that you found some things to go get.  I highly recommend grabbing what you want as soon as you see it because these are limited edition and you don't want to miss out!

If I was better at taking pictures I would show you my makeup on my face.  If anyone is interested I can see what I can do.

What will you grab if you see them?

****Product sent for review, all opinions ar 100% my own****