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Wow! Long title there much!
Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a good day.  My day was fantastic.  I took the day off and I watched my son be a pilgrim in his Thanksgiving day play.  It was cute, chaotic but cute.

Today's post is flipping AMAZING!!!!!  It is another holiday collection and it's from Philly Loves Lacquer.  Now you won't be able to find these on her site, this part of the collection is exclusive to Ella Ann Cosmetics. They are listed right now at:

This is a collection of seven polishes called Seeing Isn't Believing, which is based on the original Santa Clause movie. (There are more polishes to this collection this is just the portion available only at Ella Ann. There are an additional three polishes for the Lacquer Chic Shop, five for the Philly Loves Lacquer shop and one for the Indie Gift box)  There are 6 holographic polishes (I KNOW...SIX, SQUEEEEEE!!!) and a densely packed glitter topper in this part of collection.  These are my first Philly Loves Lacquer polishes and when I have more money I will be picking up some.  They were fabulous to work with.

Let's get to it!

I will be providing the descriptions right from the Ella Ann Cosmetics site.  The topcoat used in all pictures is Glossy Glam from Rica.

First up is Topo Gigio! This is "a lavender purple metallic linear holo with subtle blue flash".  The holo on this was amazing.  It was on all of them.  I have no sunshine here and probably won't until sometime next year, so even without sun light the holo is so bright and rainbowy (is that even a word, rainbowy?). I used three thin coats here.

This is Santa's In A Panzer, an "emerald green linear holo with a blue and green micro shimmer".  It really is the most pretty shade of emerald green with a strong holo rainbow to it.  I used three thin coats here.  

This lovely blue is Hey Barabbas!  I wore this one for days with no issues.  This is a "light to bright medium blue metallic linear holo with a slight metallic finish" Three thin coats here as well (sensing a theme here LOL).

Here is one for the red lovers out there...perfect for the Christmas season.  This is S.C., "s tomato red holo with a slight metallic finish".  I don't usually love reds but this one is BEAUTIFUL. I used three thin coats here.  

This one was so hard to photograph!  This is A Rose Suchak Ladder.  Get it!  I see what she did there.   This one is a "medium grey/slate linear holo with a slight metallic finish"  I used three thin coats for this.

Don't tell the purple, but this one is my favorite.  Look at this color saturation.  This is 1-800-SPANK-ME.  This is a "slightly metallic raspberry linear holo with an ultra-fine red shimmer"  This is gorgeous.  I included a couple extra pictures because I liked it that much.  I used three thin coats. 

Last up, and the lone glitter topper in the bunch is Believing Is Seeing.  This could be a fully opaque polish if you wanted it to be.  I used two coats of it over two coats of Zoya Willa.  This is a "dense micro-glitter topper with ultra-fine silver micro glitter.  I used a darker color so you could see how dense it was, but you could layer this over anything!

Make sure you head on over to and pick some up today. Get them while they are still available!  Ella Ann has a Facebook page here: and they are on Instagram:

Of course make sure you check out the Philly Loves Lacquer store as well,, the Facebook page too and Instagram as well

Which one is calling your name????

****Polishes sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. I NEED this whole collection! Especially Santa's in a Panzer.

  2. Ahhhh, I love them all! Thank you so much!!!

  3. These are all so stunning! I want them all now.