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Hi there!!!

It's hump day and we are about to head down the other side of the work week.  The crud is on it's way out of house and it's a wonderful thing.  I still haven't worked out this week and I am hoping to go tomorrow.  It's been too long.  Starting to have withdrawals!

Today's post features an item I had long lusted after since I had heard about someone I know using it to straighten their hair.  It is called the Instyler and I had seen informercials about it and thought, "eh, it's just another gimmick".  Turns out, I was wrong.  Way wrong.

Recently I was given the opportunity from Vocalpoint to try out this item and I was super excited.  I have curly hair and I never straighten it because, frankly it takes too long and I don't own a flat iron.   I was sent three products from the Instyler line to test out. I received this one (Max 2 Way Rotation Iron), the Ionic Styler Pro (which is a hot brush and flat iron in one,) and the Tulip Auto Curler.  Frankly I am scared to try the Tulip curler even though I have seen videos on it and read reviews and I know it works like it's supposed to.  Plus I already have curly hair so I don't need something to curl it.

So the Max 2-Way Rotating Iron has a rotating barrel on one side and bristles on the other side.  With four heat setting you can change the temp to make sure you don't burn your hair.  The rotating barrel is supposed to smooth and polish your hair.  You should be able to use this on any hair type.   It also comes with a guard for the heated barrel which I used.  I had never used a hot tool before and was scared I was going to burn myself.

Yes this thing rotates and you need to make sure that it is rotating in the direction that you are going to be moving down your hair.  All you need to do to change directions is close it quickly two times and it switches.  It's cool! It also comes with a comb and a mat so you can rest the tool on it to protect your surfaces.

Here we go:

This is the product that I chose to use.

In order to allow the brush to make it through m hair I brushed it out to get all knots and tangles out.
Yes, this is what it really looks like.  Just a little frizzy right.  Well here it is, in all it's brushed out glory.

Another shot of the glorious head of frizz LOL

So I went at it with the Instyler and was amazed by the results.  I was able to use it correctly right from the beginning. I did read the instruction and watch the video.  I figured I would take a picture halfway through so you could see my progress.  Not bad eh? 

All done!  I love it!  It was honestly so super easy and quick.  There was hardly any learning curve.  After a few attempts I got it down with the amount of hair I could put in there and how fast to move it down the hair.

Here are a couple before and afters right next to each other so you can see the full effect.

I know this product easily straightened my hair but I wouldn't say it made it shiny, which is one of it's claims.  That may be in part because I needed a haircut badly (which I got today, lots of hair gone) or maybe it was because I already had product in my hair. No worries cause it still looked fabulous.  Even though this session was short I am sure that with practice I can cut the time down even further.  I am such a happy happy woman. 

I did say coupon code and here it is, just go to the RSVP Instyler site: Instyler Shop and use the code SAVE30 to save 30% off your purchase of up to two tools.   Yes it is an affiliate link.  If you don't feel comfortable using that link, then just google the site and shop that way.  Either way I think people should buy one if they have the funds to do so.  

Would like me to do a giveaway for the Tulip Instyler?  I am not going to use it so it should go to someone who will! 

What do you think of it? Would you use an Instyler on your hair?

****Product was provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. Wow this tool definitely worked for your hair! Love the results.

  2. I have curly frizzy hair too - I love the MAX! Today we had a party with the tools and i used the max on my hair to straighten it - then my coworker did the Tulip on me - it's pretty cool!

  3. Accidently hit the publish button too soon.. I'm going to buy an instyler, since I finally found a true review. It turned out really nice.

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