Planned Chaos Planner Supply Monthly Subscription Review

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Good evening everyone!!!
I hope you had a good weekend and that your week has started off well.  We had a productive weekend but we all came down with a bad case of the creeping crud so we aren't feeling 100% in this house.  It's not slowing little man down at all, just us grown ups seem to be feeling it.

I have something a tad bit different today.  I will be the first to admit that I have been bitten by the planner bug.  I saw everyone with their Erin Condren Life Planners and wanted one SO SO bad.  What with all the bright colors and the personalization and all the planning and doodling I could do.  Then I saw the price tag.  Thankfully some friends of mine told me about Plum Paper Planner which is much cheaper and much more customizable.  (They just added a blog planning add on that I wish they had when I ordered).  If you want me to go more in depth just let me know.  You can find out more here:

SO, I have had mine for a bit (it started in October and will take me through the end of 2015) and I am loving it.  But I needed planner doodads and stuff to make it pretty.  This is where Planned Chaos came in.  I LOVE subscription services.  I have so many! So when I had the opportunity to receive the first ever subscription box from Planned Chaos I jumped at the chance.

Planned Chaos is a subscription service that will send you planner supplies right to your door.    You can request to join the group here:
from there you can be asked to be added to the waiting list.  Sadly there aren't open sign ups right now but she's growing so fast I suggest getting added to the list.  Each box is $20 a month plus shipping.

Let's take a look at what I got in the inaugural box!

Quick shot of all the goodies

First up is a laminated grocery shipping checklist.  Just use any dry erase marker and then you can clean it off after your trip to the store!

Stickers and wash tape!

Perfect for fall and Thanksgiving, tree stickers to decorate your pages.  You can see these are from Creative Corner Designs.  Her shop is:

I honestly was blown away when I saw this next item.  I was not expecting such a high value item like this.   (Plus the design kinda matches my new cover I got!)  This is a Life Planner Pouch from Sew Anna Button Designs,

Inside opens to lots of pockets and pen holders for your favorite things! I have mine packed full of sticky notes and stuff.  

More stickers!  I love that they are seasonally appropriate and that they fit the width of my planner columns.  I need more like this! They are from Krissyanne Designs,

Lastly was a very large assortment of stickers from Scribble Prints,  These are amazing.  So high quality.  There are so so many in the store that I want to get.  They have a sampler pack there that you can get too.

That's it!  Which I think is a lot for a $20 subscription.  One of the best things about planner decorating is that most of the stuff is so reasonably priced.  I love it!

If you have a planner which one do you have and what are some of your favorite places to buy supplies?

****Items provided for free, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. What a fun planner supply subscription service this is. You got some cute stuff in here.

  2. Do you still do planners. What subscriptions do you have