KBShimmer Spring 2015 - The Glittery Polishes

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Hi there!!!

I hope all is well and that your week is going well.  I probably type that to you all the time, but I honestly mean it! I really hope everyone has had a good week.  It was snowing earlier but it has pretty much stopped.

As promised I have five of the other polishes from the spring KBShimmer release.  These five are creamy polishes that are packed with glitters in fun shades.  I love the names of these.  So stinking cute.  I have to hand it to them, they manage to always come up with awesome names.  I am just not that creative.  These polishes will be available Feb 6th at https://www.kbshimmer.com

All of these polishes are shown with Basic Training base coat and Clearly On Top top coat, both from KBShimmer.  I will use the descriptions provided by KBShimmer.  I do want to mention that there was zero fishing for glitter on any of there.  There was enough glitter in each bottle to get a nice even amount of coverage.

Here we go!

First up is Meow Or Never.  "Based on the Pantone spring color Glacier Gray, this polish is a very pale gray, almost white in color with pops of purple, gray, periwinkle and sky blue. "  This was one of the first polishes I was drawn too.  I think it's the combo of the purple and blue that got me.  This is three coats here, and it wore very well. No issues with application.

I also liked this one a lot...this is Wind Swarm.  Maybe this one was my favorite.  It's too hard to pick!  "Based on the Spring 2015 Pantone color, Aquamarine, Wind Swarm features a pale sky blue base, a mix of purple, gold, white and pink glitters, while a hint of micro glitter offers a bit of sparkle to enjoy in the sun."  I really REALLY liked the mix in this.  That micro shimmer got me and look at that purple square!  Three thin coats here, great application and wear time.

Funky Cold Patina! This one is so unique, based on the name you can tell that it's based on tarnished copper!  "Like a long forgotten ancient copper statue turned blue green in color, this polish features a cool turquoise green base, with pops of metallic copper, blue and purple."  This one totally pops in person.  Three thin coats, no issue with application and there was good wear time.

This one is called Sweet Egg-scape and I think it is perfect for Easter time. "A pale bubblegum pink polish.  Glitters like, pastel aqua star glitters, coral triangles, lavender dots, red squares and silver holo hexes swim among the pink base like a decorated Easter Egg."   This is three coats because it's such a light color.  No application issues and it wore well.  I LOVED the stars and triangles in there!

Last one of the bunch, this is Cool Hand Cuke.  See another cute name!  "This pale minty green polish is loaded with pastel glitters in circles, triangles, stars and hexes. A touch of holographic sparkle completes this pastel polish."  I just took this off my nails the other day.  It's so dainty.  I used three coats here, and make sure that you take your time with this one.  I had a couple thin spots but that is pretty much because my nails are so ridgy.

I was once again impressed with this collection.  There are few that I didn't get and I think I am going to go order them.  I wish I would have gotten that white cream, I thought I didn't need it but I totally do!

Which do you prefer, the holos or the glittery ones?

These all go on sale Feb 6th so make sure you get some!

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****Polish was provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. Some awesome crelly shades those are!

  2. You've shown these off so wonderfully! I'm pretty much getting all of these. LOL!