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Hi there!!!!!

I hope your week in going well.  Each day that goes by is one that is closer to the weekend! I especially love weekends when I don't have to work on Saturday.  Love spending quality time with my family!  The weather is starting to get better so it's time to get out and do things.  Even though it snowed last week!

Today I have a hair care post.  I have fine and naturally curly hair.  I feel like I am always on a search to try to find the holy grail combination of items to make my hair look great.  So when this opportunity came up to be able to test out a shampoo, conditioner and an argan oil I knew I couldn't pass this up.  I mean what if this was it? If I didn't try it I would never know.

I was sent a shampoo, conditioner, and a bottle of organ oil from Pura D'Or.

Pura D'Or has a WIDE range of products that cover hair, face, skin and nails.  You can read all about them and the products here: Pura D'Or

  The shampoo and conditioner were  very VERY large sizes, 16 ounces each and they both came with pumps on them.  The argan oil was large as well and also had a pump.  (sidetone: my computer keeps autocorrecting argan to organ and it is cracking me up!)

The shampoo I was sent is in the Anti-Hair Loss formula.  Now I don't particularly suffer from this, but I was pleased with the shampoo.  However, the scent is STRONG and it is not overly pleasant.  There are lots and lots of positive reviews on this product so they must be doing something right.  This cleansed my hair very well and lathered up nice.  Just a couple pumps was all I needed.

For the conditioner I was sent the Lavender Vanilla formula.  OH MY!  This stuff is AMAZING.  The scent is so so SO good.  I needed about three pumps of this for my hair and it didn't weigh it down at all.  I really wished I had the matching shampoo for this one.  Loved it.

This is the bottle of argan oil I was sent.  I tried this on my hair and it was not a good match.  It did weigh my hair down. But that's ok, I was able to use this to keep my cuticles moisturized and use it on my knees and elbows.  Again, hair is such a particular thing that even if it didn't work for me, it could work well for you.

What are your favorite hair products?
Would you try these?

I am always up for hearing about what works for hair.  I am interested in trying the plop method for curly hair next.

****Product was provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. They sound nice. Makes me interested in trying them out now.

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