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Hi there!!!

Today I have the follow up post from the other day, it's another post featuring Celestial Cosmetics!  Today's post features the Cinders Collection which is available right now.  The collection features five polish all inspired by Cinderella.

The descriptions are provided directly from Celestial Cosmetics.  I hope you enjoy them!

First up is Dame of Dust.  The inspiration for this one is the evil stepmother.  This is a very dark grey with silver shimmer, purple shred glitter, periwinkle and red holo micro glitter, and a splash of holo.  This is such a complicated polish and it is just beautiful.  The formula was great and I used two coats here and topped it with Glossy Glam.

Next up is Miss T, which is inspired by one of the stepsisters, who wears a green dress to the ball.  They say that "a small amount of scattered holo (was added) to give some sparkle to this lime green, with added shimmer and dark green micro glitter".  The formula was great and I used three thin coats here with Glossy Glam on top.

Next we have The Footman, which was inspired by Bruno, Cinderella's dog.  They describe this as "a dark brown based jelly filled with gold shimmer and green/gold flakes".   I also used three coats here with Glossy Glam on top.  No issues with application on this one.

These next two are my favorites!

This is Ashes To Cinders, and Celestial describes this as a purple holo with pink and indigo flakes. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!   I used two coats and I topped it with Glossy Glam.   The holo is so strong on this one, and it's my favorite color!!!

Lastly is Mother of Fairies which was inspired by the Fairy God Mother.  They describe this a lilac soft linear holo.  It's so so dainty.  Three coats here and a topper of Glossy Glam!  

This collection was perfect for me, considering I love all things Disney so it was right up my alley :)
Make sure you check out a stockist that carries these so YOU can get your hands on some!
Check this list out: International Stockists

Which one is calling your name?

Check out the whole site: https://www.celestialcosmetics.com.au


  1. Nice swatches of this collection. Some great colors in here.

  2. Dame of Dust and Ashes to Cinder are my favorites. I have to love Dame of Dust; us stepmoms gotta stick together. lol

  3. This is such a beautiful collection. Ashes To Cinder is hands down calling my name.