Zoya Island Fun Part 2

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I know things have been quiet and I apologize. I have been busy with other things and the blog has taken a back seat.  Sometimes it's nice to take a break and enjoy some other things and not feel so pressured.

I figured I would post the second half of the Island fun collection to ease my way back into blogging.
I enjoyed this whole collection.  I will have the other half of this release up soon I hope, the Paradise Sun collection.

So up first is Jace.  Zoya describes this as a modern tropical green.  I am not sure what makes this "modern" as I am sure this would be tropical green in any era.  I loved this green and I am usually not a big green lover.  I have two coats here topped with Glossy Glam.

This fun bright color is Nana.  Zoya says this is a deep summer fuchsia, I am pretty sure it's fuchsia all year round ;)   I have two coats here with Glossy Glam on top!

Lastly is Cecilia, who else started singing the song when they read that!  Zoya calls this a classic teal, and that is exactly what it is!  I have two coats here with Glossy Glam on top!

The formula on all of these was fantastic and I was able to wear them for days with no issues. 
Did you get any of these for summer?

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****Polish was provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own!****


  1. These are looking nice. Love that first one, such a fresh green.

  2. That green looks fantastic on you but would definitely give me zombie fingers. The other two are right up my alley, though!