Sally Hansen Insta Ombré Part 1

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Hey guys!

I know there was some radio silence there for a bit, but I just got back from a two week vacation!  It was so awesome, it was much needed time away with my little family.  Enjoyed a lot of Disney, food and awesomeness.

Another thing it also did, we make me want to blog again.  I had not been feeling it lately but now I feel more like I can actually get some blogging done!

To start things back up I have a quick post today featuring another new line of Sally Hansen polishes which I started seeing earlier this summer.  They are still available as I have seen them recently in stores!

These are the Insta Ombré polishes.  I have two here and I will have two more later.  The idea behind these polishes is that these are glitter polishes and you are supposed to be able to create a simple ombré/gradient. The directions say to place one coat over the entire nail and then let it dry, then you do a second coat on the top two thirds of your nail and then let that dry.  Lastly, place a third layer on the top third of the nail and you should see an gradual glitter ombré on your nails.

The first polish I tested was Layer On Lilac, which is a lilac and silver glitter polish.   This is a beautiful polish that would look awesome just painted on regularly on the nail.  This was also horrible to photograph.  Sadly, this was the best I could do.  It is not an obvious gradient but it's nice. I think it would pop better over a color base.

This one turned out much better I think, this is Scarlet Spark.  You can clearly see the gradient (in my opinion) AND the photos turned out better! This polish had red and gold glitter in it.

While I do think that these polishes make great stright up glitters, the gradient portion of it seems to be hit or miss.  What do you think?

If you want to get any of these make sure you keep an eye out in your local mass market retailers.  


  1. Nice swatches of these. They look pretty good.

  2. Ehh. I might like them more over undies, but there's nothing spectacular about them.